Attracting biomedical manufacturing facilities to Saemangeum... Investment agreement with Saemangeum Development Administration and Poonglim Pharmatech
2021.03.19 11:23

[Everynews = Reporter Lee Moon-kyung] Saemangeum Development Agency signed an investment agreement (MOU) with Poonglim Pharmatech Co., Ltd. for the establishment of a manufacturing plant for medical supplies and medical devices at the Gunsan Best Western Hotel on the 4th.


This is the first time to attract a bio-medical company to Saemangeum. 


Poonglim Pharmatech plans to invest 17.8 billion won in 33,000 square meters of Saemangeum Industrial Complex from next year to 2021 to produce medical supplies and medical devices such as medical packaging containers and direct injection medicine injection devices. It plans to hire about 60 new employees.

Hee-min Cho, CEO of Poonglim Pharmatech, said, "We will do our best to be reborn as a world-class company in the medical device field based on Saemangeum."


Lee Cheol-woo, head of the Saemangeum Development Administration, said, "We will provide policy and administrative support so that Saemangeum can develop into a new base in the high-tech bio and medical field, and Poonglim Pharmatech can grow together with Saemangeum."


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