Customizing Step

  • 01

    Request for development

  • 02

    Preparation of
    product planning plan

  • 03

    Product development
    and design

  • 04

    Mold making

  • 05

    Production of prototypes

  • 06

    Quality inspection

  • 07

    Sample shipment

  • 08

    Evaluation of finished
    production products

Key Development Continuation

  • 2021

    • 05Syringe with plunger repulsive pressure reduction structure
    • 01Syringe with safety disposal structure and functional enhancement structure
    • 01Device for adjusting the fastening angle of an injection needle safety protector with a reuse prevention structure
    • 01Lure-Lock Fastening Injection Needle Hub
  • 2020

    • 12Disposable scanning device with improved locking structure between the out-of-box housing and locking module to prevent reuse
    • 12Disposable injection device that improves the coupling structure between the locking module housed in the outer housing and the chemical cartridge containing the injection liquid
    • 12Disposable scanning device with locked structure to prevent reuse
    • 11Drug Injection Control Device Having Cartridge Drug Release Structure By Screw Coupling Between
    • 11A drug injection control device with a stable operating structure of the injection button through a button plate placed within the dose dial
    • 11Drug injection regulators that enable immediate feedback during dose-dial use
    • 11Drug injection control device that temporarily maintains the twisting of the torsion spring applied with rotational force through the dose dial
    • 11Drug Injection Adjustment Device Having Structure Of Linearly Movable With Screwed To Piston Rod Rot Rotary In
    • 06Multi-needle module for treatment
    • 04Automatic scanning device
  • 2019

    • 12Locking protrusion operating device of anti-reuse device for drug injection
    • 12The syringe barrel fixing device of the anti-reuse device for drug injection
    • 12Cylinder flanzer fastening and fixing device for preventing reuse of medicine
    • 09Syringe needle with tightening force reinforced spiral cutout
    • 09An injection device for improving facial wrinkles
    • 09Injection needle cap wtih safety sealing structure
    • 05Easy-to-assemble injection needle reuse prevention tool
    • 05Syringe barrel with anti-reuse structure
    • 02Needle hub for syringes with anti-loop structure
  • 2018

    • 10Improved syringe cap with anti-slip fastening structure
    • 03Injection Needle reuse prevention cap